How it Works


“A-Z Quality Services” Subjects are our clients prepared to help you with?
Our Broker, Sales persons and Financial advisors  can help you with Buying, Selling, Investing in Residential and Commercial Properties. We also offer services in foreign languages.

Need to schedule an appointment?

Yes. For the most part: Ph. 646-207-1111

How It Works
We interact directly with the clients and help them to succeed their goals.


How We Do It:

What do I need to bring with me when I come to the Real Estate Office?

Please bring anything that might help both you and the Real Estate team member achieve success during the session. This may include:

your pre-approval letter from lender if you have it.
have number in your mind about spending(s)
have an idea about buying or investing
Residential or Commercial Property
period of time
have an estimate income

What occurs during a consulting session?

Consulting sessions vary based on the subject matter and the needs of each individual client or study group. Our team want you to succeed—not just on one test or assignment, but in all of your plan. To make sure that you’re learning the material, we expect you to do the work on your own. Our job is to serve as your knowledgeable guide along the way. For example:

When you bring in a writing assignment, rather than proofreading your paper, we’ll give you some suggestions on how to improve your writing skills, pointing out some examples in your draft to help you get started.
When you come in for math tutoring, we won’t go through each math problem and show you how to complete your assignment but will instead work with you on a few sample problems and remain available in case you get stuck.
When you need help preparing for a test, we will work with you to develop strong study skills.
Regardless of the subject area you want help with, our tutors will:

Welcome you and get to know you as a student
Work with you to set an agenda for the session, privileging your concerns and goals
Model effective academic practices
Follow up with you to ensure that you better understand the material/are more comfortable with an assignment AND that you have new techniques you can independently apply to your learning and writing after you leave the Learning Center

My instructor wants to know more about what we’ve discussed during our session. Do you provide that information?

We only provide specific information about a tutoring session at a student’s request. If you want to share what occurred during your tutoring session, we’d be happy to provide you with a summary of what took place so that you can give this information to your instructor.


Does the Learning Center offer online real estate services?

Yes we do!

Because of the success of our services, many of our clients remain with us in order to maintain and enhance their new found sense of security, success and educational security.

Contact us for more information at 646-207-1111