Our Services

Our Services

Appliance Repair

We are EPA certified to handle Type I, II, and III appliances. These include any industrial machinery involving refrigerants. We offer service on Type I small appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, grills, and microwaves.


Commercial Appliance Repair & HVAC

In commercial settings such as restaurants, doctors’ offices, warehouse or other office settings our work could involve walk-in fridges/freezers, chillers, and HVAC systems. It may also involve higher pressure Type II appliances and low pressure Type III appliances. In these instances we are committed not just to solving one-off issues, but also offering maintenance plans to avoid costly outages to begin with, and save money in the long-run.


Refrigerant Servicing

We meet all of the EPA’s CFC certification requirements for those working with refrigerants, and we are very conscious of safety and the environmental impacts of this kind of work.